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Equity Career Transition & Outplacement Service offers personalized coaching services for individuals in their quest for the perfect job and career. We also provide cost-effective outplacement services for organizations, large and small, in both the private and public sector.  In addition, we specialize in employment law litigation support as well as job loss counselling.

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Laid Off? How to Get Back on Your Feet

Getting laid off can affect your feelings of self worth and impact your ability to get back on your feet. But it does not have to be this way.

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workplace bully | Torso of a well dressed man with arms crossed

The Workplace Bully

Bullying is illegal in Ontario and employers must address it squarely when they receive complaints. But what should you do when the perpetrator is also a key employee?

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Independent Contractor | Confident Looking Older Man in a white shirt and tie

Independent Contractor

If you are ready to transition from employee to independent contractor, then to do it right, the process needs to be managed with strategic planning and careful thought.

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In The News

global news logo A majority of us will change careers several times in adulthood. Having a career transition coach by your side often makes the difference between a smooth and a rough transition. Equity Coach, Bob Kuchinsky, discusses how to work with one, on Global News.

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