Managing Career Changes Through Adult Education

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Managing Career Changes Through Adult Education – Authored by: Susan Heim

Chances are that our parents experienced job security like none of us ever will. Most worked at the same job for their entire adulthood. At the twilight of their careers, they secured pensions which allowed them to retire comfortably. This phenomenon is fading; nobody can count on a job for life today. In fact, you will likely work for several organizations throughout your career. In addition, you can expect to hold many different positions. Without doubt, some of these jobs will be far removed from what you thought would be your career path based on your college or university studies. Managing your career changes and continuously learning through adult education is a noteworthy sign of our times.

As a result, the most useful thing you can do for yourself is to accept this paradigm and prepare* for it. So let’s have a discussion about adult education.

The truth is, as a youth, going to school was the normal thing to do. You will find returning back to a learning environment more difficult to do the farther removed you are from your younger self. This will probably be much more so if you are working full time and managing a family.

Life shapes our unique personalities. Your learning style may be very different from mine. You may not like being boxed into a classroom full of strangers like you were back in your university days. It can be demoralizing, nerve-wracking and confusing.

This is when the services of a career transition coach becomes very helpful and it is exactly what we do at Equity. Among other things, we help you prepare for life as an adult learner.

Assessing the opportunities:

After an initial consultation that helps us get to know you, we will assign a personal coach to work with you. Our staff come armed with information you will find priceless.  We will go through the factors and trends that are affecting traditional industries and provide you with insight into new and upcoming careers in the job market. Consequently, we direct you to choices for education that will help you build skills relevant for the market.

Selecting the right type of course:

adult education equity careerAs an adult, the number of responsibilities you have in life will play a direct role in how much time you have available for study. You may be working full time or part-time or responsible for children and parents. And most importantly, you will require downtime for yourself.

Community colleges, universities and industry associations make adult learning very flexible and easy. We can direct you to suitable part-time, evening and on-line courses that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Sometimes, a path of discovery is the best way to revive latent talents that reside within you. We refer many of our clients to hobby, general interest and skill building courses such as the Learn 4 Life programs offered by the Toronto District School Board. Not only are these convenient, they are inexpensive and offered right within your community.

As much as adult education may seem like an intimidating subject, it is far from it and the choices are vast. It has liberated many of our clients out of the rut from boring and dead end jobs. If you are feeling bogged down at work, give us a call. We can definitely help you refresh your skills and set you on a path of interesting career changes.

Authored by: Susan Heim