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The Equity Team

The Equity team is comprised of numerous professional Career Coaches and Advisors with diverse sets of credentials, experiences and skills. Our backgrounds include post-graduate degrees in business, marketing, psychology, adult education, training, social work and vocational and job search counselling.

Prior to joining Equity, our team members held successful private sector career management practices. Major outplacement providers across Canada regularly contracted us to deliver services on their behalf.

We have held senior roles in HR, such as business planning, organization development, change leadership, project management and also community service.

More importantly, we come from different industries within both the private and public sectors.  This allows us to better understand the marketplace, its stakeholders and the key factors that impact career transition decisions.

Some of us have taught at prestigious Canadian universities, while others have been featured in multi-media presentations on effective coaching methods. We research and practice state-of-the-art strategy and implementation to help you with your job search or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Accordingly, helping you navigate through the challenges of a career change is what all of us are committed to.

Job Search Campaigns

We at Equity have successfully worked with hundreds of individuals and groups. Our clients come from all levels of seniority and diverse market sectors.

First of all, we take the time to review your needs; if it is a job you are after, our experience allows us to effectively develop and execute job search campaigns that will result in timely landings and higher compensation.

In addition, many of our clients convert the opportunity of a layoff into a business venture;  accordingly, we partner with them as a trusted coach to help with the early stages of their journey as an entrepreneur.

Our shared mission is to enable learning and growth at a collaborative and realistic pace.

Equity Career Transition & Outplacement Service

Every Equity client is matched with a personal coach best suited to achieve optimum results.

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