Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching | Woman in business clothes at an intersection forking two ways and wondering where to go.

Career Transition Coaching

Our proven approach to career transition coaching is quite different from industry norms. We do not offer canned, cookie cutter group sessions that leave you, more or less, self directing your career transition. Instead, our personalized services revolve around you. We help you secure the right job, at the best compensation, within the shortest period of time because we focus entirely on your needs, first.

If you are looking to transition into a new career or are a victim of corporate restructuring we can help.   Sometimes this transition may not be into another job at all.  Perhaps you are seeking a flexible lifestyle and considering a consulting business over a job? We can also help you jump start the process if you are procrastinating with your job hunt because you do not know where to start.

Regardless, making transitions are tough.  These milestone phases of life require dedicated effort, skillful implementation and patience. A career transition coach can help bring focus to your efforts.

Your Equity Career Transition Coach

Equity can be your partner moving forward with personalized career transition coaching. Our coaches have held senior roles in HR, business planning, organization development, change leadership, project management and community service.  We are well qualified to add structure to your efforts with sound advice on the most effective ways to approach the marketplace.

After we get to know you, we insert consistency into your job search campaigns. In addition, we help you uncover new possibilities while solidifying your motivation and confidence. A well-matched Career Transition Coach will educate, motivate and guide you through the entire process. Your career transition coaching sessions will focus on areas you specifically need help with.

Our entire operating model works around YOU and not the other way around.

Every client is unique. Each has different needs and desires. Furthermore, people have different learning styles. Our coaches deploy coaching methods, tools and techniques that work best for you.

Some clients arrive ready to advance quickly into job search mode; others require emotional healing after a job loss; and others yet, may simply need help brushing up their resume, networking or interview skills.  Once we understand your needs, we help you maximize your budget on services you need help with the most. And more importantly, we tailor our delivery to a pace that makes sense for you.

Career Transition Coaching Sessions

Here is some of what you can expect from Equity’s Career Transition Coaching Sessions.

1. Dealing With Uncertainty: 

A job loss or unplanned change can create emotional distress. It can also paralyze your ability to move forward. We help individuals constructively address these barriers to spark a focus on the challenges ahead.  Is it better for you to continue doing similar work or transition into a different role? Are your skills transferable to different sectors or organizations, etc.?  Such questions allow us to guide you through an exploration of realistic possibilities.

Ultimately, we want to get you moving in a direction which gives you the best advantage.

2. Preparing Your Resume:

First and foremost, a resume must be a selling tool and not a historical summary of your career.  Your resume is a brochure that demonstrates your skills and showcases results to a potential employer.  A compelling value proposition which defines your abilities must come through from this document.

We help you project these benefits and your contribution. You will craft a powerful resume that will inspire readers to want to learn more about you.  We help you work on this with the specific objective of enticing recruiters to meet with you , in person.

3. The Job Search Campaign:

There are two fundamental pathways to succeed at landing your dream job.  Both are critical for helping you gain  optimum exposure.  Our methods are proven for accessing opportunities and conducting this outreach.

a. Visible – pursuing specific positions posted online, in print or through outside recruiters.

We share our experience on the best methods to apply for competitive jobs. These tactics will greatly increase your chances of getting past the ‘gatekeepers’ who control access to hiring managers.

b.  Hidden – becoming known to key decision makers even if no job seems open at the time.  We reveal creative networking techniques which put you in front of the right people who can open up more doors. We will provide answers to many useful questions such as: Which websites and job boards are best? How can social networking channels broaden possibilities? How should recruitment firms be utilized? What letters should I send, how do I write them and when is the best timing for it? Consequently, we ensure that you know where and how to proceed efficiently.

4. Succeeding at Interviews:

Career Transition

Interviews are about effectively selling under pressure in different venues to varied audiences. It is a learned skill. Accordingly, we help you to properly prepare for your interviews, ask the right questions, answer questions convincingly, tell stories, deal with compensation and present professionally. We help you communicate in a style that is natural for you.

While we can practice mock scenarios and provide you with pointed feedback, our personalized sessions offer you so much more. You may also call on your coach for pointers prior to actual upcoming interviews.  We will help you channel those butterflies in your stomach to your advantage.  Our coaches come from numerous industries.  We remain by your side, helping you adjust your strategy for success at upcoming interviews.

Our goal is to help you impress the audience and advance to the next stage in the hiring process.

5. Closing the Deal:

In conclusion, this journey is about having you secure the best legitimate and attractive offer.

We will help you utilize references and review the terms of your employment. Where possible, we can help you boost your negotiation skills to improve the offer. Most of all, we will help identify common loopholes in employment contracts and assist you with working through them with your potential employer. We discuss productive on-boarding strategies and help you get started on the right foot in your job.

Our clients, from virtually every industry sector and functional specialty, speak volumes about the impact we have made and the ease of collaborating with us.

Let us demystify the complexities of Career Transition and help you transform pending uncertainty from a ‘chill’ to a ‘thrill’.

Contact us – we can make that difference!