Developing Leadership Skills in the Workplace

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Blog Topic: Developing Leadership Skills

Author: Susan Heim

Developing Leadership Skills

When employees are first hired, their eagerness in proving their worth shines through in the first few months. Keeping this momentum going beyond the honeymoon period is a true mark of successful organizations. Many do this by appointing strong people to manage groups, departments and projects. Developing your employees’ leadership skills is a proven strategy for driving profits. You want productive employees because payroll is one of the largest expense items in your organization. Your best leaders can deliver your highest performing teams.

So what constitutes a good leader? lists these 22 qualities that make a great leader.

Several articles are written about whether leaders are made or born. Some people do grow up with a natural ability to inspire and lead. It is also true that others are forged by their life circumstances, into becoming great leaders.

Organizations can create a culture of leadership across the ranks by planting the seeds of leadership qualities in all employees. Regular training and reinforcement of the principles of leadership can drive transformation, engagement and cohesion. This can spark some to actually stand out and take the risk to lead. It is one way to identify and nurture potential candidates to ensure your pool of leaders does not go dry.

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Developing Leadership Skills in the Workplace – Author: Susan Heim