What Is Career Coaching?

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What Is Career Coaching? | Author: Susan Heim First Off, What Exactly Is Career Coaching? If you are looking for a job in today’s tough job market, you already know it is not fun. You have probably spent countless hours on the internet emailing hundreds of resumes and customized cover letters. And most likely, they

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Developing Leadership Skills in the Workplace

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Blog Topic: Developing Leadership Skills Author: Susan Heim Developing Leadership Skills When employees are first hired, their eagerness in proving their worth shines through in the first few months. Keeping this momentum going beyond the honeymoon period is a true mark of successful organizations. Many do this by appointing strong people to manage groups, departments and

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Job Interviews – What Not to Do!

Job Interviews - What Not to Do!

Blog Topic: Job Interviews Author: Susan Heim Job Interviews – What Not to Do! As a seasoned hiring manager going on 35 years in the business I have interviewed hundreds of candidates. I cannot count the number of times the OMG’s bounced around inside my head pleading to come out of my mouth. Of all

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